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Makosi Today show Showing FRIDAYS@ 2030hrs GMT on the award winning Pan-African satellite channel Vox Africa sky 218,Dstv191, Gotv16 ,Fridays at 2030hrs repeats shown on Saturdays at 1400, Mondays at 1830 and Wednesdays at 0930.

Please note(Dstv 191 airs in Nigeria, Ghana, kenya,Equatorial guinea, Congo, Uganda)

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****Online Premiere Valentine’s Day Sat 14th, Feb, 2015…Only on Pay Per View****
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‘Mayaya’The seed of Corruption, Zimbabwe’s notorious cop, Mayaya is back
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DUST & FORTUNES.Available to watch online now….
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Zollywood(Zimbabwean)Movies now showing SUNDAYS 2000hrs/2100hrs GMT on Vox Africa sky 218 - U.K and  Africa- Dstv 191 Gotv 16,free 475 and bbox 661….Spread the word and let your friends and family know…..Cheers!!!!!
Please note(Dstv 191 airs in Nigeria, Ghana, kenya,Equatorial guinea)
The schedule for Zollywood films are back Soon…
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