Mwanaskana 2’This film is about a girl who travels from the city to the village looking for her father – a father she has not known all her life. In the first part, on her quest to finding her father, ‘Tsitsi’, played by Tinashe Pundo gets stuck in another village after she is given help by a stranger she meets on the bus, ‘Kenny’ played by Boniface Chimedza. “Her journey seems to be hopeless until Kenny’s friend, ‘Peter’, played by Simbarashe Mutanga, who knows Tsitsi’s village agrees to help with locating it,” narrated Tsuro. The first installation started off with the struggles of a girl in a village she’s not welcome, as Tsitsi is seen as a threat by Kenny’s mother played by Nelia Mpofu who despises her because she feels her son wants to marry the city girl. Things do not change much for Tsitsi as cruelty and hatred continues to haunt her in “Mwanasikana 2”. The movie reflects on the girl child who grows up without knowing her father and the challenges she has to face in life because of the situation. “Mwanasikana has a very powerful girl child story of how most girls are growing up without knowing their biological fathers. This leads to problems and misfortunes in life as they grow up especially culturally in cases such as getting married and other procedures that might need a fatherly figure. Produced & Directed by Nakai Tsuro and Diverson Zuze

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