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Feature Films

       The in laws Poster      Sabhuku Vharazipi 2 

sinnersthemovie          TALE OF THE BOX POSTER     think     city of dreams

sores of emmanuel   EVERYONE'S CHILD    I will marry myself

Neria.580   YellowCard.580     MORE TIME

Thorns    thru the night         The-Long-Night

LOVE LIKE THIS      CONSEQUENCES     You owe me     evilinthemidst            JUSTINE

mayaya poster1            DeceptionTheater_Sign_PSD_Template ZIM COMEDY NIGHTS 2         Inqindi le nyembezi (Fist Of Tears)

when evil strikes 1          THINGS SOME DO FOR MONEY 2 poster

Short films

thumbs_nhakayedu    The Post man     thumbs_greener-pasturesb

thumbs_playa   thumbs_finish-gets-pretty     shungu

kukura     the unexpected POSTER


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